To the guy on the bus this morning:

who gave me serious stank face and said ‘ouch’ when my leg brushed your knee as I was hurling myself through 10,000 people who WEREN’T MOVING as a whole lot of us were trying to get off at our stop: Get over yourself. 

You are riding metrobus during rush hour, fortunate enough to have a seat. There are worse things that could happen, say, sitting next to a guy with rats in his bag who wants to show them to you. Or perhaps sitting in pee while other riders laugh at you (both on the X2 - and yes both have happened to me). Or seeing girls get into a legitimate fight with their umbrellas. Or having someone dig their high heel shoe into your foot (not intentionally, but still painful), or being whacked in the face with someone’s bookbag or elbowed in the eye by some tall guy who doesn’t see little old you standing there.

Trust me. The grazing of my leg on your knee was not bad.

If you can’t handle it, here’s some advice: Please don’t take the bus. Ever. It’s not for the faint of heart.

  1. haygirlhay said: dude the bus is another level. another WORLD.
  2. katiekissinger said: Bitches be trippin. That guy will be running for the suburbs soon enough.
  3. cath-tastrophe said: I heard this man talking to himself on the 90 once about how the X2 is the worst bus in DC (not his exact words, but the gist). So… If the crazy man, talking to himself on the 90 is talking about how bad the X2 is? It must be BAD.
  4. stay-c said: Um, I’m going to need to hear more about these rat and pee stories…thanks. :)
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