sometimes i wonder if i’m a total creep

when i watch house hunters and people always complain about looking directly into their neighbors’ yard. house, etc…. but my first thought is, bitches, be real. you know you want to snoop in on that stuff. because i know i would.

maybe it’s just a product of many years of city living? i would think that would be a bonus.

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  3. allidoiswatchthesky said: Haha I don’t know if I view it as a bonus but I do always yell “just buy curtains” at the tv (among many other things, because where do they find these house hunters??)
  4. lifeandpictures said: haha, I would hate it! my yard backs up to a wheat field which means I can let the dog out with minimal clothing ++
  5. cath-tastrophe said: You are not a creep! I’m the same way!!
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